Audition Results Are Now Available


Greetings fellow music teachers! We are excited to serve you and your students as the new co-coordinators of the FMEA Elementary All-State Chorus. Since January 2021, we have been hard at work preparing materials for this year’s All-State audition cycle.

Audition Preparation

If you have auditioned singers for All-State before, you’ll likely notice several changes. These changes resulted from insightful feedback gathered from FEMEA members and the FEMEA Executive Board.

  • Streamlined audition process: With the help of an audition-guided track, teachers no longer have to participate in the administration of the auditions themselves. Now, teachers simply have to facilitate a quality recording and prepare their students for what to expect in the audition itself.
  • Simplified rubric: Taking the feedback from many veteran judges, the audition rubric has been pared down to hone in on the skills and capabilities required as a member of the All-State Chorus
  • Switch from a round to a partner song: Rather than use a round, we have added a partner song to assess a child’s independence. With this change, we welcome more diverse repertoire into the audition process, allowing us to incorporate musical traditions beyond the Western canon.

Each of these changes have been a result of months of critical discussion. If you have any questions or need support, please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you, and good luck!

Ruthie Antmann and Alex Gartner
All-State Chorus Co-Coordinators

All-State Chorus Audition Preparation Info

All-State Chorus Information Packet

Official Audition Track - use this track to complete your recording.
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Sample Parent/Guardian Letter

Data Collection Worksheet


If you are interested in adjudicating the auditions, please see the Adjudicator Training page.