Audition Information

Update: Breath mark added to recorder piece on May 31, 2019

Thank you for your interest in our 2020 FMEA All-State Orff Ensemble!

Please read the following for success with your student audition. 

We want your participation in this process to be successful.  The downloadable packet has critical information to help you conduct your auditions with ease and validity.  You must take time to READ with comprehension what is required.   You must follow all procedures, which will require preparation on your part.  If you have questions, please contact either your FEMEA District Chair or the All-State Orff Coordinator, Holly Mullenix. 


  • Teachers: No spoken script when recording the audition.
  • Video Recording: Students full face and body may be shown.  (It’s no longer required to record from the shoulders down.)

Be sure you:

  • Meet the September 1st deadline for membership. (FMEA, NAfME, FEMEA)
  • Prepare all audition music with students.
  • Submit online-generated Orff application form with student/parent signature.
  • Submit an online Invoice/Teacher Contract signed by teacher and principal.
  • Understand about all required fees, checks and deadlines
  • Secure an Orff-style alto xylophone, soprano recorder, and an acoustic piano.
  • Follow the 2020 audition.
  • Record video audition using .mov or .mp4 format.
  • Upload your recording(s) by the September 12th
  • Select ensemble preference, if auditioning for both All-State ensembles.
  • Contact your District Chair or Holly Mullenix with questions.

If you have questions, you may contact either your District Chair or me. I look forward to working with you and creating a memorable All-State Orff experience with our conductors, Josh Southard and Lisa Sullivan.

Results will be posted on October 1, 2019.

Holly Mullenix
FMEA All-State Orff Coordinator

All-State and Regional Eligibility 

I have read and completely understand the above



Josh Southard Photo
Josh Southard

Lisa Sullivan Photo
Lisa Sullivan

Sample Audition Videos

Orff audition recordings must be .mp4 video files no bigger than 854 x 480 resolution. If 854 x 480 is not an option, choose 540p or the lowest one possible. Here are some instructions for recording the auditions using a laptop with a webcam:

Macintosh Computers:

Windows Computers:

Phones or Tablets:

  • Hold your phone sideways. No vertical video!
  • Email the video to yourself or use a USB cable to transfer the videos to your computer.
  • Import them into either Windows Live Movie Maker, VideoPad or Apple iMovie, and follow the instructions in the above documents for exporting to the correct file format.

To enter your students and upload their audition videos, login to the FMEA website and look under the "FEMEA" heading on the members-only home page. You must be a current FEMEA member for that section to appear. Video Demonstration