Curriculum Fair

Each year, the FEMEA Board of Directors selects and invites accomplished teachers to present innovative ideas in the annual Elementary Curriculum Fair. To be selected or invited to participate in the Curriculum Fair is indeed an honor, as well as a responsibility. Each participant selects a lesson plan or curricular idea of particular interest and prepares a corresponding presentation board and handouts. The participant presents his/her ideas with a smile and sharing attitude during the designated Curriculum Fair time. Conference attendees visit the Curriculum Fair to glean new ideas to use with their own students.

Conference Session Facilitators

The FEMEA Executive Board could not manage the Annual Clinic/Conference if it were not for the help of our Session Facilitators.

Session Facilitators are current members of FEMEA who volunteer their time to help with "behind the scenes" functions during an FEMEA session. Facilitators report to the assigned Session Coordinator (Executive Board member) fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled start of the assigned session. The Coordinator will communicate with the Facilitators regarding specific needs of the clinician. Typically Facilitators will take a head-count of session attendees at the beginning, middle, and end of the session, assist the clinician with the distribution of session notes, materials, instruments/equipment, etc.

Contact your district chair by September 30 to let them know that you are willing to serve as a Session Facilitator at our next Annual Conference. The service will take little of your time while providing a valuable service to our orgainzation.